This term stands for crystal-clear water, fresh air, good food and many natural products. About nine months a year of sunshine benefiting the region of Athens (about 2hr 45min by car), Araxos (about 3.5 hours by car) or Kalamata (approx. 45 minutes) can be reached.

The region is very different from the rest of Greece, especially as regards the customs and culture. The reason for this is recorded in the special geographical conditions and the turbulent history of Mani. Mani is characterized by a constant opposition against various dominations and Mani is still one of the most pristine, unspoiled areas of the world. In the romantic villages dominatethe traditional stone houses and stone towers (which were built earlier as a defense post against pirates and other invaders). Their construction is still imitated today. As a vacation retreat or second home these houses and towers of medieval ambience are locate in a unique position to accommodate you.

The chain of Taygetos reaches a height of 2,180 m and descends down to the sea. An ideal place for hiking, biking, rock climbing and mountaineering. The region is also considered migratory passage to Africa. To date, more than 100 different bird species were counted.

Here you can live close to nature and enjoy the freshness of the sea and inland. The original balance between man and nature is still preserved, and empties into a slow rhythm of life, which allows you to sniff to see and to live simply.